Mincing knife 14cm single boxed

Mincing knife 14cm single boxed

Mincing onion, garlic, herbs, nuts, chilies or other spices is quickly done with Mezzaluna knife.
The mincing knife allows you to control the coarseness of the minced good.

The two ergonomically designed handles ensure safe handling and an optimal transfer of strength.

The Mezzaluna is hand crafted in Solingen/Germany and carefully sharpened by hand.
Therefore it is recommended to wash it by hand to retain its original sharpness.
If desired mincing knives with plastic handle can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well.

Small mincing knives are compact and easy to handle while bigger sizes are also perfect to cut pizza and flat cake.
Whereas the double-bladed knives are very quick to work with the single blade versions are very precise and easy to clean.

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