Rod rehoning 30cm regular cut round

Rod rehoning 30cm regular cut round

PLEASE NOTE This device will not sharpen an absolutely blunt knife .

It is manufactured to realign the cutting edge and appears to sharpen but over time the knife will not respond...

This is when you then need to actually sharpen.

There are several ways that this can be done but our preferred way for safety reasons is to place the tip of the Rod on a cutting board, hold the Rod vertically.
Taking the knife, hold the edge against the Rod, at the heel of the knife.
Position the knife at 20 degrees to the Rod.
Gently pull the knife-edge into the Rod as you pull the knife down and towards yourself, like sharpening a pencil. Once down one side and the next stroke on the other side.
After 3-4 alternating strokes, check for sharpness and repeat the process if necessary.
The quality/hardness and condition of the blade will determine the ultimate number of strokes required.
AFTER A PERIOD of time the cutting edge of a knife won’t respond to a Rehoning Rod and this is when you need use a stone, diamond or ceramic devices or have it sharpened by a reputable cutler.

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