Pocket knife laguiole olive 12cm

The home of the globally famous Laguiole knives is in Thiers, a small French town in the region of Auvergne, which has been renowned for cutlery for 500 years. For generations, the elegant knives with the bee, the heraldic animal of Napoleon have been manufactured in Thiers in various versions and designs. They were initially inspired by folding knives from Andalusia. Today they are functional companions of their proud owners who appreciate their wide range of applications for everyday usage. They have even become an expression of the French lifestyle. Among the numerous manufacturers, knifemaker Robert David has acquired an excellent international reputation. The handmade Laguiole knives signed by the manufactory Robert David will impress you with the exclusive choice of materials, high quality processing and their attention to detail. Handle made of olive wood with stainless steel bolsters. Blade steel 12C27.

Pocket Knife
Robert David Laguiole Olive
Overall length: 21,9 cm
Blade length: 10,0 cm
Weight: 91 g
Blade thickness: 2,9 mm
Blade material: 12C27
Handle material: Olivenholz
Lock: Slipjoint

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